King William Wings Of Wulcan 


Eltern / Parents Großeltern / Grandparents Urgroßeltern / Great grandparents
Lord Korpus King Keen Dublin
Kaatje van het Gewandhuis
Gorgie Racklie fan Kilewier
Hanson´s Angel
King William Wings Of Wulcan
King William Wings of Wulcan are used for high level dressage, & he shows big talent for the highest exercises. King William has exceptional movements, where the trot & canter should really be highlighted. His moves with ease & is extremely light over the ground, for a horse of his size. The canter is as the photo shows, very uphill & powerful. Collecting in all 3 gaits comes easy for King William, so if you're looking to make a great dressage horse, King William is the perfect stallion for you.

King William has a thick long mane & a forelock as long as his x-full sized head. His feathers are huge, silky & thick.

King William is tested PSSM1 negative King William is homozygote

Zuchtprogramm Drum Horse / Trommelpferd
Geburtsdatum 20.07.2012
Rasse Drum Horse
Lebensnummer UELN DE426261030712
Stockmaß 170
Bewertung HB 1
Farbe Rappschecke (tob.)
Gentest 1 PSSM1 Negative
Gentest 2
Besitzer Dantved Kiki
Faellesskiftevej 29
4100 Ringstedt/Dänemark
Telefon 0045-28696469

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